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Why Heat?

HEAT stands for Hockey Edge Agility Training and was formed to give hockey players an opportunity to improve their skating skills and over all strength. Whether you are just starting your hockey career or have been playing for years, one thing is for certain, if you can't skate, you can't play.

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Through her years of figure skating technique training, Lindsay has developed the essential breakdown for efficient power skating, making every stroke count. The key to power on the ice is a combination of proper body alignment for balance and a command of all edges, forward and backwards. For those seasoned skaters, Lindsay offers quickness training to improve overall body strength and endurance.

Lindsay Tilley

Founder, Power Skating Coach

Lindsay Tilley is a USFS triple gold medalist in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Ice Dancing. She’s been coaching competitive figure skating for over 15 years and holds PSA ratings in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Hockey 2. She believes that mastering fundamental skating skills is key to any successful skater, figure or hockey. Her approach starts with a good understanding of proper body alignment and edge control. Along with repetition and hard work, any skater can turn from good to unstoppable on the ice. At each session, players will strengthen the muscles used for game time explosiveness and breakaway movement. She currently works with a number of in house, recreational, travel hockey, and professional hockey organizations in Morris County, New Jersey. Lindsay also worked as a skating consultant for the Metropolitan Riveters of the Professional Hockey Federation and was selected to be a member of the NHLCA Female Coaches Development Program. Lindsay is a member of the USFS, PSA, and USAHockey.

Emily Janiga

Hockey Skills Coach

HEAT is pleased to announce the hiring of Skills Coach Emily Janiga. Emily has a wealth of hockey knowledge and a passion for developing players. Her resume includes four years of NCAA Division 1 Hockey at Mercyhurst University and entering her 5th professional career season, currently playing for the Metropolitan Riveters of the NWHL. Her coaching philosophy very much aligns with HEAT's mentality of proper skill technique broken down bit by bit so that players not only understand ``the how`` but also ``why.`` As a current professional player herself, she brings up to date skill technique with stick handling and game application; a perfect compliment to HEAT's Power Skating!

Kristen Barbara

Hockey Skills Coach

HEAT would like to welcome Coach Kristen Barbara to the team. Kristen played 5 Years at York University and is entering her 5th year of professional women’s hockey. Her coaching philosophy aligns with that of Coach Lindsay and Coach Emily, as she places a heavy emphasis on developing transferable skills that can be directly applied to the game. She believes in building a solid foundation first, and then integrating more complex skills once the basics have been mastered. Being an active player herself, Kristen understands the changing/contemporary game and develops relevant drills to suit it.

Joel has been taking private lessons and developing his edge work for over 5-years and had made a lot of progress. As he entered Bantam year he knew that he had plateaued in terms of his edge work and power skating and he needed a new approach.

Greg Saxon

My boys have been working with Lindsay Tilley for the last three years. She was able to help my 8 year old overcome an outside edge issue early on and has been instrumental in his development into a highly competitive travel hockey player.

Jonathan Rizco

Training with Lindsay has been the best thing we have done for our son's skating development. Aside from the results on the ice, which exceeded beyond our expectations, she makes each session not only challenging but also fun.

Joe Ginsberg